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Does the internet just get better every day?







one time i tried to tell my mom about this comic and i laughed so hard that i laid down on the floor and cried for 15 minutes before going through my likes to find it and show her


oh my gooooooosh


oh my gooooooosh

This is my new favorite Genre.

You inspire me to draw, and I'd really like to start my own web comic, I'm just not sure... where to start. Where can I post to? You have your own site, do you pay for it?


Ahh I’m so glad you want to start a comic! It’s such a rewarding experience! There are several ways you can go about hosting, depending on how much time and money you wanna spend!

The easiest way is with a site like Inkblazers or Topastic. They’ll let you just upload pages and create all the infrastructure for you, including archives, chapters and comment sections. They’re really easy to manage and I’m pretty sure you can get a custom URL for either. It also puts you in touch with a huge userbase of people who use the site, so even if you host elsewhere it’s still a good idea to use one of these mirrors. It’s really ideal if you’re just starting out and have never hosted a website before.

Another option is to post it to tumblr! You’ll need a theme like Simple Webcomic Theme but then you can simply post pages like you would an image. And then people can reblog it and follow the blog, so it makes it easy to follow/spread the word. You can point a custom domain at it too!

The trickier option is hosting it externally. To be honest I have no fucking idea how I did this, it’s a total miracle. But my hosting is with Hostgator and they have an automatic WordPress install, and then you can apply a theme like Webcomic to manage it. I’m sorry, I can’t provide any more specific information because it’s all a blur of angry buttonmashing as I tried to set it up. I liked it in the end though, because I like having it on my own domain/website (which yes, I do pay for! Hostgator is quite cheap).

I hope that helps! All these websites/services have help manuals/customer service chats that will be able to give you more specific info!

Ok. I got the iPhone 6 today. I was playing with Siri, and of course decided that it should be an Australian male. I liked it so much, I taught him to call me “Mate”. However, he responds better to an Australian accent, and this isn’t fun for me anymore lol. Is there a way I can get him to keep the accent, but also have him understand mine?


You’ll see on my résumé, I have caught the mailman.


You’ll see on my résumé, I have caught the mailman.

Dear Lord,
Help me be sexy, so I don’t have to go back to college.
Luanne - King of the Hill


Tumblr and Puns

I can’t tell if Tumblr is mostly 16 year old girls or their dads.